Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Sony Cybershot camera and Sony Vaio laptop is not working. Where can I bring these items to get it fixed?

Q. I would definitely prefer a Sony authorized repair center. However, if that is not available, what are my other options? Thank you for any suggestions.

A. Do you still have waranty left on them? If a Sony authorized repair center is not available, I believe that you can work it out with Sony to have it shipped to them for repair. Not sure about that, but you should call Sony and ask about the waranty. If not, take it to Best Buy or Circuit City.

My sony erickson w580i cant start the camera. HOW CAN I FIX IT?
Q. it shows a message "another application is running, close it, and then start the camera" everytime i open the camere.

A. Mine does exactly the same
So many people have the same problem
Sadly none know how to fix it :(
I took mine into the o2 shop and they said it would have to be sent away for 2weeks to get fixed

Can a sony cybershot t70 handle a 4gb memory stick?
Q. I just recently got a sony cybershot t70 and I am now planning on purchasing a memory stick. Can my camera handle a 4gb memory stick or should I just get a 2gb memory stick?

A. I'm pretty sure that Sony doesn't put limits on the amount of storage you can use with their cameras, just the kinds of memory cards. For instance, I had a Sony camera that supported Memory Stick Pro, but not the Memory Stick Pro High Speed or whatever.

But the T70 should be fine with a 4GB memory card. I use a 2GB in my 10.1 megapixel camera, and it holds enough pictures for me. It holds about 300 (I think?) pictures on the 2GB.

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