Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to register a htc wildfire when its unlocked and put a different sim into the phone?

Q. I brought my htc wildfire of ebay and it was unlocked i am on a pay monthly contract with virgin media and i havent recieved a message saying about there details for the data connection and i no longer get text messages from them to say when i have to pay my bill, i was just wondering how could i register my htc wildfire with virgin so i can get my texts through?

A. if your calls go through, your texts should go through, if you can text someone and receive texts then the problem is with your carrier not your handset.

Text messages are universal, you dont need a specific phone to recieve text messages.

Is there a difference between the htc hd2 tmobile version and unlocked version?
Q. People have told me to get the htc hd2 from radioshck instead of the tmobile store. Is there really a difference? If there is please tell me what they are.

A. Have a look

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