Saturday, June 22, 2013

How can I preserve battery on the huawei acsend with android?

Q. I want to preserve battery. So anything I should take off or how to shut off unused apps. Anythimg helps.

A. Here are some things that might help.

1. Download Advanced Task Killer and set it to kill apps when your screen goes dark. It is free in the market.
2. Go through your apps and turn off background updates or set them to only update once or twice a day.
3. Turn off push notifications from any app.
4. Turn off Background data
5. Turn off the 3G when you are not using it.

Good luck

How to set up the google application for huawei m860 android?
Q. My huawei m860 android won't let me set up my google app. It says there is a proplem connecting to the server. What do i do?

A. I think you can find anything (games&apps) you want. ALL FOR FREE!

go to the download page and you can find everything you needï¼

Hope you like itï¼

How can I turn off the camera shutter sound off on my Huawei Pillar cell phone?
Q. When I open the camera, I go to options -> settings -> shutter sound, but when I click shutter sound, there is no option for the sound to be off! It's only sound 1 or sound 2. I don't want any sound. How can I turn it off? I already turned it to silent mode, but I still hear that shutter sound.

A. Seems to me that you are stuck with the shutter sound. Check your users manual.

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