Sunday, July 28, 2013

How do you connect a monitor to an asus eee pc?

Q. I've got my eee pc with xp all connected up, but, all that shows on my monitor is my wallpaper (a very nice vista grass on, actually)! I think maybe I've done somthing wrong!

And if you can fix it, how can you close it without it going on standby.

A. If you want to use the monitor as your main screen, you have to choose clone display or switch the external to be your primary monitor.

How to turn off pinch zoom on a touch pad Asus laptop?
Q. Every time I move my fingers on the touch pad mouse it zooms in on my webpage every time. I've read other articles and their advice hasn't helped. I have an Asus laptop, I've forgotten what the name is but please help. I am really getting annoyed with this pinch zoom problem.

A. Go to Start then Control Panel , Mouse

Choose the Device Settings tab

Click the Settings for button

On the left there is a menu, find Pinch Zoom and untick the âEnable Pinch Zoomâ box.then click apply

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How do i change the language on my asus net-book XP home from spanish to english?

Q. Its a UK asus net-book and i had a problem, I had it fixed under warranty in spain,now its only in spanish,how do i change it back to its original english?

A. Im not sure that you can with XP Home. It sounds like they had to re install the Operating System and used Spanish as default. I would contact the manufacturer and Im sure they can assist you with the exact details of your repair and what version of xp was used.

How do i pair a phone with a Asus n55s laptop using my bluetooth?
Q. I have tried pressing "fn" & "f2" and enabling Bluetooth
installed the drivers but it doesn't find anything.
searched witht the laptop and the phone
please help
How do i do it?

A. Pc initialized connection
Right click BT icon on taskbar and click add a device
PC lists the device and pair by entering the code shown

Device initailization

Right click BT icon and open settings
check allow bluetooth devices to find this computer

search for device with phone and when the phone lists the computer, select it
If the computer shows no notification, click(i think double click) on BT icon
enter code and finish pairing

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is the screen on the Huawei ascend g300 gorilla glass?

Q. I have been looking at the huawei g300 and don't want to buy another phone that scratches to bits every time the screen touches my keys or change in my pocket. It looks quit good but i just need to know this. If any one knows any other flaws let me know, thanks.

A. Yes it is. The phone is great, i got mine yesterday and love it. Although you'll want a case as it's quite slippy in the hand!

Can I order the Huawei Ascend g300 online from vodafone?
Q. Or do I have to buy it in the shop? If you can order it online, what are the delivery charges?

A. There is many online mobile phones shops in UK.
if you buy any mobile phone from them you can get many more extra advantage.
you can easily compared mobile phones features and price ,networks.
if you order online then it`s delivery charges is depends on their merchant providers.

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How do i render in Sony Vegas to get a smaller file size for youtube upload?

Q. I am trying to render a 15 second video in Sony Vegas 8.0. When i render it, the vodeo is fine. When i upload it to youtube then it takes 3 hours! Anyone know of any render settings to get a smaller file size?


A. first, your video dimensions should be something like
640 x 360 (widescreen)
720 x 1200 (HD)

then, you render as a WMV file.
when it is done rendering, upload that file to youtube =)

How do I get my sony ericsson 205 to see the memory card in the walkman?
Q. I have a sony ericsson 205 with a 4gb M2 memory card but it will not see the music i have on the card in the walkman. I thought this might have something to do with the fact that the instructions say it only supports up to 2gb but I can see and play the music through the file manager. Is there a way i can set the walkman mode to see the music? Thanks in advance.

A. open your Walkman player. press the back back key until you come on the first page, then click on tracks, it will try to find new tracks.

another option is to put all your music in MP3 folder which is created in Memory card

And one last option... restart your phone, take out battery, and Sim, and then start again..

Hope that helps

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Friday, July 26, 2013

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Whats the difference between the htc desire c and htc desire x?

Q. Im getting either a htc desire c or x.But i want a phone with a big screen,which one
has a bigger screen the htc desire c or x.And also what are the differences??

A. The desire x is the better phone in my opinion especially the screen quality and size which you state are important to you.

What is the difference between the HTC One X black and the HTC One X white?
Q. The reason I'm asking this is because I was comparing contract deals and I found out that the white HTC One X has lower prices with good deals than the black version of the phone? (Europe)
is it what it's made from?

A. white as a colour has faded a bit fashion wise. So rather than just sell only black ones and have white left over they are offering better deals with the white units to help shift them

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How can I connect the PlayStation 3 to the internet with the Vodafone Huawei E220 USB dongle?

Q. I have the Huawei E220 USB dongle with Vodafone and want to connect the PS3 to the internet, but how?
By the way I do not have a wireless router (if I do need one).
Which wireless router should I use then?

A. Unfortunately you do need a router to able to access "the net" wirelessly. Just a usb adapter won't give you access to the internet.
But if you're lucky, you might be able to scan for an "open" wifi accesspoints (one of your neighbors perhaps), meaning without password.
Beware though, it's illegal to use someone else's internet access, without their permission ;)

Good luck

What is the difference between o2 and Huawei?
Q. Im going to buy a modem. The clerk said that o2 and Huawei are not different.
so, whats their relation? I saw the o2 book, and its written Huawei too...
can anyone give me a brief explaination?

A. Huawei are the worlds biggest mobile 3g BB dongle makers, all the major MBB carriers use Huawei dongles. so what the person is telling you is buy a un tided Huawei and it will work with any MBB sim..bit like phones..

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