Saturday, July 20, 2013

What is the difference between Nokia and HTC Windows phones?

Q. They obviously have a different outward design, but how is the technology or format different? How are the settings different inside the phone?

A. well first of all Nokia is a name HTC are just letters..... which stand for High Tech Computer Corp

HTC has HTC Sense is smart phone

Nokia have come from Symbian via mego to Windows, and with that the flavour of the Symbian OS can still be seen, so It all depends on you ROUTE or previous purchases to get to the Windows OS

Sometime I think people forget that Nokia OWNED the planet with regards to smart phones but all that has changed

In majority of cases we can over think that it is just a phone and this phone is better because it has one more feature or more apps.
It can just be due to variables such as "I prefer this make over that make" or I want to try something else or even MONEY

If it does all the thing you require it to do then fine
Look at this side by side both window phone one HTC & the other Nokia

I would suggest HTC as it has the secondary Camera if same similar price

How do i retrieve the contacts from my old HTC phone?
Q. My old HTC Wildfire S has a damaged screen and the screen no longer operates. I have a replacement phone and it is the exact same model but i would like to transfer the contacts and messages from my old device and onto my new one. At first i thought that it would be as easy as plugging in the USB and copying the files onto my new phone, however, the phone does not sync with the hard drive of my PC without it being selected on the handset. Does anybody know how to get around this without using the touch screen at all?
Many thanks.

A. You have to use your gmail account but if you didn't save any of your contacts to your gmail account then you have to go to your phone sellers store

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