Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What slr sony camera lens is the best for both long distance and macro?

Q. I'm just starting out in photography and i've got a sony A55 and its my birthday soon and as a present im getting a new lens for my slr. But i dont know what lens to get. I want a macro one and i would also like a zoom one aswell. I just wondered if there is a lens that does both well? but not at too high a price up to bout £300.

A. Macro lenses are prime lenses from 60 mm to about 105 mm, certainly NOT a telephoto lens

Telephoto lenses (for shooting long distant subjects require a 300 mm or longer lens)

NONE of these lenses cost less than about £500 if you can find one. You will also need an adapter so it can be used on your A55



As you can see, £300 cannot buy much when you look for lenses made for your fine A55

Here is a site that lists Sony lenses, but I don't see any Sony "E" lenses listed

How do i render in Sony Vegas to get a smaller file size for youtube upload?
Q. I am trying to render a 15 second video in Sony Vegas 8.0. When i render it, the vodeo is fine. When i upload it to youtube then it takes 3 hours! Anyone know of any render settings to get a smaller file size?


A. first, your video dimensions should be something like
640 x 360 (widescreen)
720 x 1200 (HD)

then, you render as a WMV file.
when it is done rendering, upload that file to youtube =)

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