Saturday, July 27, 2013

Is the screen on the Huawei ascend g300 gorilla glass?

Q. I have been looking at the huawei g300 and don't want to buy another phone that scratches to bits every time the screen touches my keys or change in my pocket. It looks quit good but i just need to know this. If any one knows any other flaws let me know, thanks.

A. Yes it is. The phone is great, i got mine yesterday and love it. Although you'll want a case as it's quite slippy in the hand!

Can I order the Huawei Ascend g300 online from vodafone?
Q. Or do I have to buy it in the shop? If you can order it online, what are the delivery charges?

A. There is many online mobile phones shops in UK.
if you buy any mobile phone from them you can get many more extra advantage.
you can easily compared mobile phones features and price ,networks.
if you order online then it`s delivery charges is depends on their merchant providers.

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