Thursday, July 18, 2013

Whats the difference between the sony ericsson u1i and the u1a?

Q. I was just wondering what the difference was and also if anyone has had this phone, please make a comment on whether you like it :) thanks.

A. the camera is different and idk which one it was but one is just a fraction smaller than the other

How do I set my sony ericsson w995 to ringer only?
Q. Sometimes I want to silence all message tones but still leave the ringer on so I can be contacted in emergency. How do I do it? I have programmed in individual ringtones and message tones for most contacts and, even if I turn message tones off, the individual ones still sound an alert when a contact sends a message.

A. I'm not sure what you mean but I have the same phone, to turn the phone on to vibrate only hold the # button and a symbol will come up at the top of the screen and it will say silent mode on. If I have got this totally wrong you can go to Settings >> General >> Profiles and you can choose from a variety of profiles for your phone's alert sounds hope this helped

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