Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How do i pair a phone with a Asus n55s laptop using my bluetooth?

Q. I have tried pressing "fn" & "f2" and enabling Bluetooth
installed the drivers but it doesn't find anything.
searched witht the laptop and the phone
please help
How do i do it?

A. Pc initialized connection
Right click BT icon on taskbar and click add a device
PC lists the device and pair by entering the code shown

Device initailization

Right click BT icon and open settings
check allow bluetooth devices to find this computer

search for device with phone and when the phone lists the computer, select it
If the computer shows no notification, click(i think double click) on BT icon
enter code and finish pairing

What size of screwdriver do I need to open the Asus EEE Pad Transformer with?
Q. I need to undo the little star shaped screws at the bottom of the Eee pad. What screwdriver do i need?

A. Hi,

Those are anit-tamper screws and come in different sizes, a normal screwdriver will not do the job.

You need a screwdriver that takes interchangable bits and a selection of star bits.

Take it to your local hardware store, they should have the correct item.


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