Friday, July 5, 2013

How to download Sony Vegas 11 to a different computer without repaying?

Q. So I payed for Sony Vegas 11 on my old desktop but I just got a new laptop and I want to put Sony Vegas 11 on my laptop. I don't know how to re-download it without repaying. Is there a way to download it on my laptop without paying? Please help!

A. Do you still have the license or activation code? Download it again with that code.

How come my sony digital camera doesnt turn on?
Q. I bought it a few days ago and then I charged it for a little while. And now it doesnt seem to turn on, so I tried charging it again. Why doesnt it turn on though?

A. Get this one! You won't regret it!!
I will get one soon

What is the difference between Sony Movie Studio Platinum and Sony Vegas Pro?
Q. Are they both same, or there is some difference. Which is better for normal use.
I use vegas pro for editing videos, also for making music videos for fun.

A. Besides the price, Vegas Studio Platinum is for video home hobbyists and Vegas Pro, a huge program, is for very serious video editors who need a lot of functions.

This chart compares the features of the Vegas series of video editing programs.

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