Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to connect using huawei 3g broadband dongle?

Q. i changed my dongle today & after installing & all,when i try to connect it says "invalid sim card" :/ the sim works without any problem in my mobile.any suggestions?i tried reinstalling already but no result.

A. More than likely your phone network has blocked that site.

Why won't my Huawei modem work with a 3 network sim?
Q. I have a Huawei E160 mobile broadband dongle. I bought it from O2, but is unlocked because it works with a t-mobile sim in it. However, when I put a 3 sim in nothing happens. I have the Mobile Partner software from Huawei and this recognises the phone number of the sim card under the properties tab, but nothing else.

Anyone know what I can do to get it to work with a 3 SIM?

A. Try Advanced Settings under the Settings tab when not connected and change the network provider. I have a Huawei E160 modem, mine is provided by 3 and connects to 3G. I can't remember who or what the Bearer is and I can't check it just yet as I am using the modem and the software will not allow access to the Advanced Settings when the modem is in use. I will check it later and see if I can improve on this answer.

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