Saturday, July 27, 2013

How do i render in Sony Vegas to get a smaller file size for youtube upload?

Q. I am trying to render a 15 second video in Sony Vegas 8.0. When i render it, the vodeo is fine. When i upload it to youtube then it takes 3 hours! Anyone know of any render settings to get a smaller file size?


A. first, your video dimensions should be something like
640 x 360 (widescreen)
720 x 1200 (HD)

then, you render as a WMV file.
when it is done rendering, upload that file to youtube =)

How do I get my sony ericsson 205 to see the memory card in the walkman?
Q. I have a sony ericsson 205 with a 4gb M2 memory card but it will not see the music i have on the card in the walkman. I thought this might have something to do with the fact that the instructions say it only supports up to 2gb but I can see and play the music through the file manager. Is there a way i can set the walkman mode to see the music? Thanks in advance.

A. open your Walkman player. press the back back key until you come on the first page, then click on tracks, it will try to find new tracks.

another option is to put all your music in MP3 folder which is created in Memory card

And one last option... restart your phone, take out battery, and Sim, and then start again..

Hope that helps

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