Sunday, July 28, 2013

How do you connect a monitor to an asus eee pc?

Q. I've got my eee pc with xp all connected up, but, all that shows on my monitor is my wallpaper (a very nice vista grass on, actually)! I think maybe I've done somthing wrong!

And if you can fix it, how can you close it without it going on standby.

A. If you want to use the monitor as your main screen, you have to choose clone display or switch the external to be your primary monitor.

How to turn off pinch zoom on a touch pad Asus laptop?
Q. Every time I move my fingers on the touch pad mouse it zooms in on my webpage every time. I've read other articles and their advice hasn't helped. I have an Asus laptop, I've forgotten what the name is but please help. I am really getting annoyed with this pinch zoom problem.

A. Go to Start then Control Panel , Mouse

Choose the Device Settings tab

Click the Settings for button

On the left there is a menu, find Pinch Zoom and untick the âEnable Pinch Zoomâ box.then click apply

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