Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can industrial engineers work in technology areas like Sony and Apple companies?

Q. Also would anyone recommend having a career as an industrial engineer?

A. Typically, industrial engineers work in the manufacturing departments of companies. So yes, I would imagine that you could likely get a job at the likes of Sony or Apple, if you're shooting for a position in manufacturing or packaging.

What is the average life span of a Sony Bravia LCD television?
Q. I have a Panasonic rear-projection 60" tv which is about to die because of the lamp. I've had it replaced twice already, but I don't want to keep on paying and paying for labor which is $350. I plan on buying a Sony Bravia LCD tv, but my question is; how long will they last and are they good?

A. That should last you a good 10-15 years w/o problems.

How can I stop the preview video on sony vegas skipping?
Q. In sony vegas the little box in the top right the video skips really bad and I cant edit it because it skips so much. How can I stop this?

A. Your using a resolution that your computer or RAM can't handle. You can lower the resolution which will reduce the skipping but the quality will be worse. (The quality won't really be worse when you upload it to YouTube, or burn it to a DVD, it only looks bad in Vegas itself.)

Just go to the top of the video preview and look for something that says something like best (Auto) or Preview (Full) or something like that. it should be at best (auto) by default. Change those settings to something low, I reccomend preview (auto)

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