Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camera on my Huawei Ascend II really sucks. Is there an app I can download to take better pictures?

Q. The pictures always come out so dark and crappy! Even in broad daylight! And NO, there are NO settings to fix it... I have tried. Does anyone know of an Android app I can download to take much better pictures? Anything at all?

A. No. it will be a hardware and firmware limitation, possibly even a sub-standard camera module which was fitted to the phone when it was manufactured.

I have a Huawei usb wireless card through Verizon. How do I set up a home wifi network?
Q. I would like to have a home wifi network but all I have is a wireless usb card. Is it possible to plug it into a wireless router or is there a wireless router that I can plug into my desktop pc that I could use? Thank you for your help!

A. A wireless USB "card" is a transmitter/receiver plugged into a USB.
A wireless router has the same type of transmitter/receiver inside the router, so there is nothing to "plug in". The two are connected via a set-up program. You could use the windows connection program or perhaps one came with your USB wifi plug.

How much is the huawei asscend 2 including taxes and instalation ?
Q. I am going to get the huawei ascend 2 for cricket and it is on sale for 99.99$ I want to know how much I am going to pay in total and that includes taxes and installation fee

A. taxes vary by state.. so with out that information no one is going to be able to help you..

and how exactly do you "install" a cell phone?

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