Thursday, May 9, 2013

How do i save a picture that someone sent me to my Huawei Ascend android?

Q. Someone sent me a picture and now i want to save it to my gallery but i dont know how? any can anyone help me?

A. Press the picture till something pops up and it will give u options

Where can i buy a white battery cover for the huawei glory?
Q. I dont like the Huawei Mercury's black cover. But i heard the Honer has a white civer. I want one for it. I dobt want a case. I want the battery door cover.
Any tips, or know wher to get one?


Here it is. It's inexpensive, too. :)

Can a Cricket Huawei Pillar phone be flashed to the Verizon Network?
Q. My wife is wanting to flash an old Cricket Huawei Pillar to our Verizon plan. How would I go about doing so? I already tried Google and found different forums but every time I looked into what they said I couldn't find anything that would work. Help would be appreciated, thanks!

A. Even if the flash worked out, Verizon still will not accept it as Verizon's current policy forbids non-Verizon phones from being "brought over" to Verizon.

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