Friday, May 3, 2013

How can I make my Asus computer completely black but still be playing music while using it?

Q. I am running Windows 7 and I want to know how I can continue to play music when the screen is not lighted at all, it is blacked out while the charger is plugged in and while it is not plugged in. The session is still going sound wise but it is completely black. No light coming from the computer.

A. Just set the screen saver to blank and the time to whatever you want and run the music playlist.

How to restore an Asus laptop back to the factory settings?
Q. I don't have a disc and would like my laptop to have everything deleted off it, apart from the operating system.

A. You try load Recovery Program. It restore windows.

Whats the difference between the Asus 1005peb and the asus pc1018pb?
Q. I bought the netbook Asus 1005peb in june 2010. I love the computer but i saw that asus came out with a new one which is Asus pc1018pb. Just there any differences between them? I hate technology because you have to keep up with it lol. I hate to know that something out there is better after i just bought something lol. thank u

A. both are netbooks so both suck no offence.
laptops are way faster and way more advanced.
netbooks are like 10 year old technology that got smaller.

they both have the same cpu
they both have the same ram
both have the same hard drive.
the monitor in yours is better cause its led back lit.
yours has a better graphics card.

the one you have is better.

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