Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Is the Sony Ericsson W580i able to recieve songs from your computer?

Q. Say I wanted to plug it into my computer with it's own USB cord, will it sync my iTunes songs? I know I have to shrink them into ringtone form though, right? How do I do that? Thanks!

A. why don't you just buy a bluetooth adaptor for your computer and send them that way.

How to connect my Sony dvd player that is wireless, to my Sony TV that is not wireless?
Q. I have a Sony Bravia TV that does not have the built-in wireless function. However, the Sony 3D DVD player that I own does have the wireless function.

My question is before I spend $80 for the Sony Bravia wireless TV USB adapter that has terrible reviews, is there a way to connect the DVD player with the TV somehow so the TV can get the internet from the DVD player?


PS- Please don't say sorry we can answer any questions unless we have every little peace of information about the TV and the DVD player.

Just a simple yes or no will suffice.

A. "wireless" refers to a network connection. You still need use a HDMI cable to physically connect the player to the TV.

You can then configure your player to connect to your home's wireless (also called "wifi") network so it you can use its network applications like Facebook, or Netflix or whatever else it has installed.

While they do make "smart TVs" that have these same network features, you do not need both your TV and player to have them. Just one or the other. In your case the player will access the internet and display the contents on your TV.

How to download Sony Vegas 11 to a different computer without repaying?
Q. So I payed for Sony Vegas 11 on my old desktop but I just got a new laptop and I want to put Sony Vegas 11 on my laptop. I don't know how to re-download it without repaying. Is there a way to download it on my laptop without paying? Please help!

A. Do you still have the license or activation code? Download it again with that code.

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