Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whats the difference between the Asus 1005peb and the asus pc1018pb?

Q. I bought the netbook Asus 1005peb in june 2010. I love the computer but i saw that asus came out with a new one which is Asus pc1018pb. Just there any differences between them? I hate technology because you have to keep up with it lol. I hate to know that something out there is better after i just bought something lol. thank u

A. both are netbooks so both suck no offence.
laptops are way faster and way more advanced.
netbooks are like 10 year old technology that got smaller.

they both have the same cpu
they both have the same ram
both have the same hard drive.
the monitor in yours is better cause its led back lit.
yours has a better graphics card.

the one you have is better.

Is it possible to convert an ASUS laptop into an HP laptop by doing a full system restore using the HP discs?
Q. My daughter's 3-year-old ASUS has been nothing but trouble (a missing webcam program and screwy drivers) and the ASUS help sites are of no help at all. I was wondering if I could successfully install my HP discs into her laptop?

A. No that won't work.

Use that link to get proper drivers for your Asus. Download all of them and install them.

Regarding the missing webcam program: If the laptop has a built in webcam then the software for the webcam will be on the Asus website.

Your discs will not work for her laptop seeing how they are completely different computers running different hardware.

Hope I helped!

How do I connect my asus eee pc to the internet using a blackberry curve?
Q. Need to get on internet on vaca and can't get on internet using my blackberry curve.

A. Here's the link for the configuration.

Follow each step by step and you will have the modem running!
You will have to remember in Step 9 to configure according to your service provided.


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