Monday, April 29, 2013

What sony ericsson phones will work for verizon?

Q. I use to have a sony ericsson when i with AT&T but now i have verizon and i cant find any sony ericsson besides the Xperia Play.. and that just doesn't look like a phone id like.

A. Probably nothing else because most of the Sony ericsson phones are on AT&T, and that is a gsm carrier. Verizon is CDMA carrier, so they are totally different.

What sony vegas movie making program is best to use?
Q. I know there's quite a few out there, and i like to make videos. I recently got a new laptop that had NOTHING on it, so i decided to get a better movie program than my previous one (which crashed often). I have an HP pavilion and could you also explain how i would go about downloading it, etc?

A. Sparta remixes

My Sony Cybershot camera and Sony Vaio laptop is not working. Where can I bring these items to get it fixed?
Q. I would definitely prefer a Sony authorized repair center. However, if that is not available, what are my other options? Thank you for any suggestions.

A. Do you still have waranty left on them? If a Sony authorized repair center is not available, I believe that you can work it out with Sony to have it shipped to them for repair. Not sure about that, but you should call Sony and ask about the waranty. If not, take it to Best Buy or Circuit City.

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