Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How can I turn off the camera shutter sound off on my Huawei Pillar cell phone?

Q. When I open the camera, I go to options -> settings -> shutter sound, but when I click shutter sound, there is no option for the sound to be off! It's only sound 1 or sound 2. I don't want any sound. How can I turn it off? I already turned it to silent mode, but I still hear that shutter sound.

A. Read the manual. Real camera users normally do not turn that off if ever that feature is present in their cameras. How can you stop the mirror slap from making a sound in a dSLR anyway?

How do i save a picture that someone sent me to my Huawei Ascend android?
Q. Someone sent me a picture and now i want to save it to my gallery but i dont know how? any can anyone help me?

A. Press the picture till something pops up and it will give u options

Where can i buy a white battery cover for the huawei glory?
Q. I dont like the Huawei Mercury's black cover. But i heard the Honer has a white civer. I want one for it. I dobt want a case. I want the battery door cover.
Any tips, or know wher to get one?


Here it is. It's inexpensive, too. :)

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