Friday, April 12, 2013

What sony ericsson phones will work for verizon?

Q. I use to have a sony ericsson when i with AT&T but now i have verizon and i cant find any sony ericsson besides the Xperia Play.. and that just doesn't look like a phone id like.

A. Probably nothing else because most of the Sony ericsson phones are on AT&T, and that is a gsm carrier. Verizon is CDMA carrier, so they are totally different.

What sony vegas movie making program is best to use?
Q. I know there's quite a few out there, and i like to make videos. I recently got a new laptop that had NOTHING on it, so i decided to get a better movie program than my previous one (which crashed often). I have an HP pavilion and could you also explain how i would go about downloading it, etc?

A. Sparta remixes

My sony erickson w580i cant start the camera. HOW CAN I FIX IT?
Q. it shows a message "another application is running, close it, and then start the camera" everytime i open the camere.

A. Mine does exactly the same
So many people have the same problem
Sadly none know how to fix it :(
I took mine into the o2 shop and they said it would have to be sent away for 2weeks to get fixed

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