Sunday, March 24, 2013

How do I restart my Asus PC Windows 8 notebook computer on the keyboard?

Q. On accident,I changed my brightness settings to the lowest,and I cannot get pass my lock screen. Help immediately!

A. restarting MIGHT help, but probably won't. Just hold down the power button for like 5 seconds and it should shut off.

also, look on your keyboard, there should be a key that has a little sun looking symbol, usually in blue. You have to hold the Fn (function) key while pressing it and it should brighten it up.

How do you wipe an Asus laptop clean and is this appropriate for me?
Q. I want to get rid of some images of past girlfriends and stuff for good before I move on with my life. Sure they're deleted and all, but i just want to wipe my computer so if anybody were to try and restore them. Is this appropriate and good, or would this just be a waste of time or possibly hurt my computer?

A. Just get a free file shredder like this one it has disk wiper as well, or ccleaner has a disk wiper, you need a free space wiper as you have already deleted the files

How to install linux on an asus computer without a cd drive or a current operating system?
Q. My friend gave me her computer to try and fix and I'm kind of lost. This is an asus computer without a cd drive and no operating system. Windows was previously install and then was removed. I have a linux CD to try and install but am not sure how to connect my computer to this one to share the cd drive. Any help would be great. Thanks!

A. The simplest option is to install Linux from a USB drive; I don't know which variety of Linux you are planning to use, but Ubuntu has a good guide at the link below.

Good luck!

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