Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to turn on an HTC desire without using the power button?

Q. My power button is completely broken and my phone died. I have no way to turn on my droid now even though it is fully charged. Any suggestions?

A. Yeah plug it in to your computer or charger and it should power on. It sucks to have to do this every time though.

Whats the difference between the HTC EVO and the Motorola Droid X?
Q. I have the evo but notice the Droid looks similar and has some of the Same features.

A. umm la verdad nose lol

Why does screen go blank in HTC mytouch 4G immidiately when I start making a call?
Q. I have got my new HTC mytouch 4G phone last week. When I dial a number, immidiately the touch screen goes blank and I can not input any number during the call, I can not even end the call because I can not access the screen. Do you have a solution for this?

A. I am also having same issues. It looks like a water damage. Remove battery and see the color of sticker. If its pinkish red they won't replace the phone unless you have insurance.. Good luck.. this phone sucks big time. I am having issues hanging up when the person being called does not pickup and it goes in voice mail..

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