Monday, February 18, 2013

How do I get my HTC Hero to generate a wifi signal my pc can pickup?

Q. The HTC hero I have is running the android operating system firmware version 1.5 (because I live in alaska and we are behind the rest of US telecommunications technology by about 18 months).. I have already tethered internet to my pc via the mini usb cable, but is there a way to supply internet wireless?

A. I think a software named "Virtual Access Point" can help. It turns your pc into a wireless access point. You HTC can connect to Internet through your PC via Wifi.

What phone should I get the htc desire hd or the brand new htc incredible s?
Q. I really don't know what one I should get.
The desire hd has a bigger screen but the incredible s has a front facing camera.
I'm really stuck !

A. Since the Incredible S isn't out yet, I would wait for them to come out and get some reviews. What carrier you want should also be something to consider.

Comparing the phones themselves on their merits alone (discounting things like carrier and price), I would go with the Incredible S. Performance-wise, they're pretty similar, but the Incredible S is a bit lighter, has a bigger battery, the front-facing camera, and the screen is still pretty big. Does the difference between 4" and 4.3" matter that much?

How can you unlock the htc Diamond 2008 from sprint to use on Verizon?
Q. I can't afford a new phone so I want to use my old one on Verizon's prepaid network but I don't know how.

A. Can't be done. Sprint and Verizon have two totally separate esn/electronic serial number databases and they are completely incompatible.

The next best thing is activating your Sprint phone onto Boost mobile with a little help from these guys:

Another alternative is to find someone who will flash it to Page Plus, a Verizon network reseller. You will be using the same network is Verizon prepaid under a different brand name with different customer service, tech support, etc.

The only bad things about Page Plus is they don't have unlimited data and their customer care sucks.

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