Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How good is htc wildfire? Is there a better cell phone in same price range?

Q. I am looking for cell phone with these features
touch screen, GPS, GSM, GPRS, Wifi, camera, FM receiver
I found htc wildfire to be a good one. Is there a better cell phone with above features in same price range?

A. samsung galaxy ace, may be worth a look.

How good is the HTC sensation in comparison to the latest android phones?
Q. I'm looking for a new phone, I don't want an iphone and I'm not too keen on the Galaxy S2, but i want an up to date phone. What do you all think of the HTC sensation. Or do you have any other suggestions?


A. The HTC Sensation is a great phone still without a doubt although the newer models have a better chance of getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on them which is a huge upgrade to the Android OS. If your not worried about this though you will be happy with the Sensation running Gingerbread.

If you do look at other phones though I would recommend comparing the Sensation to the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Nexus.

How is the Motorola Defy, Htc HD7, or Mytouch4g different from the ipod touch or others of its class?
Q. They are all capable of music, movies, games, and so on. But is there any noticable difference between these devices? Other than the obvious cellular capabilities, is there anything that sets them apart as a significant productivity device?

A. Android vs. iOS, obvious.

MyTouch 4G is capable of using T-Mobile's HSPA+ high speed network (which is not really 4G).

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